Behind Freshies: Humble Beginnings

Matt and I (Hi, we’re the owners of Freshies and Flavr) grew up together. In fact, our dads actually grew up together so, to be honest, this was how it was always going to be. It was destiny, that’s all. Our families have been friends for a very long time. Matt and I grew up together, we worked together, and then we ended up getting together like, you know, “romantically.” 

And that’s what brought us to the mountains, all the way from Seattle. 

I (Devan) worked in restaurants all through college, before going to work for a distributor who sold products to cruise ships! So, I spent a lot of time loading cruise ships and taking care of their gigantic orders. Basically, you’re like restocking an entire city in one day. 10/10 do not recommend. Following that, I moved into importing produce from South America, Australia, New Zealand and more into the United States. And that’s when I started getting burnt out on moving/ordering/shipping large volumes of product. Luckily, I had a side hustle- an ice cream sandwich business. Remember that, it’s important later. 

While I was slinging ice cream sammies, Matt got his degree in Economics and began working in sales with big corporate catering companies. We’re talking, like, really big corporate catering companies. Like, their clients were Facebook, and Google, and other companies that have full-on cafeterias inside of their offices. 

As you can probably guess, burnout with that job happened as well. So finally, we just sat down, looked at each other and said, ‘Why don’t we open our own restaurant?” 

And that’s what led us to our absolute dream restaurant. 

We both have a passion for creating a good, community-focused business that actually empowers the community and makes it more successful as a whole. When we decided to open this restaurant, we wanted to create a homey-feeling, good quality type of place, as if we were hosting someone at our own home. 

And, really, that’s what Freshies/Flavr is – it’s a place that feels like home, to you and to us. And no, we’re not going to say that “When you’re here, you’re family” because 1) that’s a tagline that’s already been copyrighted and we could get sued and 2) families are weird. You know. We all have that weird uncle. You’re not family at Freshies/Flavr, but you are really, really good friends. That’s what we want the experience to be like. We want you to feel like you’re a guest in our home. 

At Freshies/Flavr, we strive to offer up fresh (hence the name), sustainable, make-you-feel-good food. We also strive to serve you the best way we know how. We will give you our all…but sometimes we make mistakes. 

Sometimes, things might take a bit longer, but it’s just because we’re trying to give everyone the same attention and customer service that we give the next person, ya know? Sometimes people might just require more of our time, or maybe we’re working on a larger order, or maybe one of our employees is having a hard day and if one more person yells at her, she’s going to openly weep. These are all things that could happen and so, we just ask for a little bit of grace. 

In return, we promise to offer fresh, convenient, sustainably curated food that doesn’t just feel good; it’ll make you feel good too. And we’ll serve it up with a smile on our faces because we are genuinely so thankful that you are here, that you’ve decided to share part of your day with us. That’s something we don’t take lightly. 

So, whether you’re coming in for breakfast or lunch, drinks or ice cream, trust that when you walk through 

our doors, you will be greeted as if you were an old friend. Because that’s exactly what you are. 

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