Nothing’s Wrong With Being the Middleman.

Introducing our featured vendor for the month of November, Quality Foods Distributing. Randy and Nancy Lindberg are the Co-Founders of Quality Foods Distributing. In the late 1960’s, Randy’s family acquired a small natural products distributor called Nature’s Best. A few years later, he started working there in the computer room, pulling orders in the warehouse, driving forklifts, and making deliveries.  When his father passed, Randy became President of the company. And along with an outstanding team, he grew the company into the largest privately-owned wholesaler-distributor in the natural products industry. Nancy has a degree in Foods & Nutrition, and worked at Nature’s Best for fifteen years. After more than a decade of visiting Bozeman, she and Randy decided to live there, believing QFD could meet the need for reliable logistics and distribution services in Montana and throughout the Northern Rockies.

“What really excites us,” Randy says, “is working with local producers and businesses in Montana and the Northern Rockies to bring their products to our retail and foodservice customers, and a larger marketplace.” 

Community involvement is a major cornerstone in their business. When they say that “it isn’t about a big marketing strategy or writing checks for big advertisements”, they mean it with a sustainable approach. They talk with their full-time staff about what it takes to earn a living wage in Bozeman so they can understand the needs of their employees. They meet with non-profit organizations to hear about their pinch points and their struggles (or even lack of). They offer resources to other small business owners including their customers to see them thrive in our community. The Lindberg’s like to consider themselves a vital link in the chain to the success of a local community, and we would agree!  Need a place to meet with Executive Directors, to hold an interview, to cater your board meeting, provide coffee at a ribbon cutting ceremony; that is Quality Foods Distributing and that is what it means to them to be part of the community and giving back. 

To learn more about Quality Foods Distributing and everything they do for the Bozeman community, visit their website!

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