Vendor Spotlight: Ghost Town Coffee Roasters

At Freshies, one of our core fundamentals is our partnership with local vendors. Bozeman is home to so many talented, creative, beautiful companies and we are honored to be able to partner with so many of them in order to bring Bozeman residents the absolute best in quality in both food and drink. 

One of those partners is Ghost Town Coffee Roasters. 

Ghost Town is a specialty coffee company located right here in Bozeman, and it’s where we get all of our roasts. 

“We understand the profound impact of coffee, not only on a personal level, but a global one,” Ghost Town’s website states. “Because of this, we take care to source top quality specialty coffee from around the world that has been purchased with social, economic, and agricultural responsibility.”

Those reasons and more are why we wanted to partner with Ghost Town Coffee Roasters. 

They are a certified organic handler, through the Montana Department of Agriculture, which goes along with our own philosophy of offering healthy, fresh, clean products to our customers. 

Ghost Town shares that same philosophy. They also have a very customer-focused mission, which made it apparent to us immediately that they have the same values we do. 

They respect their customers. They respect their vendors. They’re committed to being “a positive representative and stewards of [their] local and global community.”

Whether it’s in their cafes or their warehouses, the team behind Ghost Town Coffee Roasters knows, just like we do, that the customers are the most important aspect of their business. 

They are:

  • Roasters of top quality specialty coffee from around the world.
  • Operators of friendly, personable cafes where we sling expertly prepared beverages along side tasty food, treats, and smiles.
  • Performers of care and stewardship of the most socially consumed beverage in the world.
  • Sellers and fixers of espresso and coffee related equipment.
  • Trainers of barista’s far and wide with professional, certified barista training.
  • Distributors of coffee shop related Allied products like flavored syrups, chocolate, tea, small wares, etc. along with many other goods to keep the average coffee shop patron happy.

And, of course, the coffee is the story. 

Ghost Town Coffee Roasters roast and prepare each variety to its highest potential. Their roasts are rich, full, aromatic, and absolutely delicious. They also package the coffee to assure freshness and they deliver it in a timely manner. This is something we can attest to. We’ve never had shipment issues or any other types of issues with them. 

Additionally, Ghost Town provides equipment, service, and training to their clients (that means us!) to ensure that we are properly equipped to prepare and serve their coffee. 

In this line of work, partnerships are key. Relationships are pivotal. And we have been lucky enough to partner with some incredible vendors that teach us, inspire us, and remind us why we love doing what we do. 

Ghost Town Coffee Roasters is one of those vendors and we are so thankful to be able to work with them in providing our customers with the absolutely top-of-the-line coffee, alongside our own soups, sandwiches, salads, and more. 

To learn more about Ghost Town Coffee Roasters, or to purchase your own coffee from them, be sure to visit their website or their Facebook page. Tell ‘em Freshies sent ya! 

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